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A graveyard for discontinued products from Apple, Google and Microsoft

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Apple discontinued the iPod after two decades

For over two decades the iPod was the portable music player, just as big as the Walkman was before it. In 2022 Apple announced that the iPod will be discontinued, this is a trip down memory lane of the most iconic iPods.

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iPod Socks – One of the weirdest Apple products

Apple's history is full of weird and interesting products. however some products are weirder than others. This is a breif history of the iPad Socks, a knitted sock made for the iPod.

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Google killed these 4 products soon after acquiring them

All of the FAANG companies acquire companies and products and not all of them survive the acqusition. Google however have become the scapegoat for this practice. This is a breif story about four of those acqusitions.

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